Modifying the Whois / Contact Details of a .UK Domain Name

Understanding .UK domain name Contacts

  • A .UK domain name displays only 1 Contact when performing a Whois lookup:

    Registrant Contact: This contact represents the owner of the domain name.


    There are no Administrative, Technical and Billing Contacts for .UK domain names.

    Additional Information

    Registrants who are non-trading individuals (those who do not use or plan to use their domain name for business, trade [including registration of domain names for monetization purposes] or professional transactions) can choose to opt out of having their Contact Details displayed in the Whois lookup.

    This option can be enabled by the Registrant from within his Nominet control panel.

  • Service Contact: If the country of the Registrant Contact is not UK in case of a 2nd Level .UK domain name, then an additional Service Contact must be specified at the time of Registration or Contact Modification. This Contact must have a valid UK address, with the country being United Kingdom (GB), Isle of Man (IM), Jersey (JE) or Guernsey (GG). The Registry will send all physical communication intended for the domain name to this address.

  • General Contacts used for other domain name extensions (TLDs) can not be used for a .UK domain name. A .UK domain name has a separate Contacts database.

To Modify the Registrant Contact Details (except the Identity) of a .UK domain name


For modifying the Identity (Anchor: identity) of the Registrant Contact of a .UK domain name, the current Registrant will be billed directly by the .UK Registry.

Identity refers to:

  • Name of the Registrant Contact, if the Registrant Contact is an individual

  • Company Name of the Registrant Contact, if the Registrant Contact is a non-individual

  1. Login to your Control Panel, search for the domain name and proceed to the Order Details view. See details

  2. Click the Contact Details link.

  3. The Current Registrant Contact will be displayed. Modify the Contact information for the domain name by specifying it in the text boxes. You can modify all the details except the following:

    • the Name field, if the Contact is an Individual

    • the Organization field, if the Contact is a Company

    • The update will be applied to all the domain names using this particular Registrant Contact.

    • If you are modifying the Country of the Registrant Contact from UK to a non-UK country for a Second Level .UK domain name, you need to specify a Service Contact.

      However, if you are modifying from a non-UK country to UK, there will no requirement of a Service Contact.

      The change in Contact information in this case will apply only to the specific domain name whose Contact details are being modified.

  4. Click Save Contact Details.


Apart from the above process, Contacts can be created and managed independent of the domain name(s), directly from within the Customer Control Panel.